Ruskamen is one of the most popular destinations in Dalmatia when it comes to windsurfing. Here you can rent a boat, a jet-ski or a windsurf board. The diving club organizes visits to a site where amphoras dating from Roman times (1st century BC) can be seen. You can also visit the famous Vruja, a sweetwater spring in the sea, which is the number one diving location in Europe according to many divers.

Also in Ruskamen you can play tennis, volleyball, bowl, walk and enjoy in excellent food.


Only 6 kilometers to the northwest is the medieval town of Omiš, a well known fort of the feared Omiš pirates who, thanks to specially designed ships called “Sagittae” (Arrows), were the masters of this part of the Adriatic for 300 years. Despite numerous alliances against them, including a crusade ordered by the pope himself, the Omiš pirates had managed to thrive until 1444 when they were finally conquered by the great Republic of Venice. The churches and forts of Omiš along with the high wall which encircles the city are silent witnesses to its turbulent history. The beautiful Cetina river with its canyon, the limestone mountain jewels of Dinara, Mosor and Babnjača, beautiful old olive groves and vineyards overlooking Dalmatian islands create an ambience of incredible beauty. For those who prefer a more active vacation, we recommend rafting on the Cetina river.